I’m a 40-something journalist and editor who knew at 16 that I wanted to do the news. So despite no formal education I forced my way in and built my career from there.

Average husband, slightly better dad to four sons, and working hard to become a scratch golfer.

Written and edited thousands of daily and weekly newspaper pieces, have dozens of magazine bylines and ghostwriter of more than 120 e-books (back when e-books weren’t nearly as popular).

Now it’s time for something more. It starts with this.

Why The Knowledge Bomb?

Good question.

One of the traditions we had in my time at Metro was Thursday night beers at the Boston Pizza a couple of blocks away from the newsroom.

It was a place where we shot the shit about the past news week, shared a few gripes, but bonded over good conversation about life in and out of journalism. These get-togethers had as many as eight people and as few as one (yeah, loyal me would pop in for a beer even when the others had plans).

A former reporter and dear friend Morgan Modjeski actually coined the phrase ‘knowledge bombs.’ You see, I have a tendency to use analogies, parables and life experiences to help provide further understanding to those reporters that are coming up the ranks.

After a particularly poignant one for Morgan, he paused, sipped his beer, shook his head slowly and said, “Another DK knowledge bomb.”

And it stuck.